Walk-in Play


Let’s Play is all about adventure, adrenaline and fun! Our challenges are apt for all ages and they are designed to test your agility, strength and courage.


Crate Challenge
Team up and build the highest tower of crates possible.

Spider's Web
A double challenge with two similar routes for you to have a race to the top of the net!

Commando Ladder
Test your commando skills! Challenge your friends and beat them to the top.

Different geometrical volumes serve as obstacles along your way to the top. Conquer the rectangles and bucket-like volumes and reach the top before your competitor!

Climb the Facade
Challenge a friend to Climb the Facade and be the first to reach the top!

Speed Competition Wall
Compete against friends and earn bragging rights. These walls are like the ones in official speed competitions, equipped with Start and Finish buttons and timers to measure the results of the race.


Fireman's Wall
Put out the fire as you climb to the top, just like a real fireman!

The Gearhead
Challenge your balancing skills while climbing to the top in an environment full of rotating wheels!

The Labyrinth
Can you escape the labyrinth? There are two possible exits at two different height levels – your challenge is to hold one of the correct tracks from the beginning.

Unique Triangles
Enter the world of geometry and get overwhelmed by different colours and sizes of triangles.

Treasure Island
Be a pirate and navigate through the lone island in search of the treasure. Beware of monsters and dangerous animals along the way!

Hurry up, help the lava reach the top of the volcano and create the most stunning fireworks!


Rocktopia Granite Wall
Experience real rock climbing. This wall closely imitates original granite rocks, giving you the option to climb not only using the holds, but also the natural relief.

Skyscraper Walk
Challenge yourself to climb the tallest buildings. The higher up you go, the more unstable the skyscraper becomes!

Enter the fairy tale! Climb the Beanstalk using holds and leaves to reach the top and maybe get a glimpse of a real giant!

Jump in The Air
(not included in regular admission, extra charges apply)
Feel the adrenaline rush! Climb onto a crane and jump off to either grab a trapeze or a punching bag. Designed for those who do not fear heights. The distance to the target varies, to make this attraction harder or simpler.

Ever wondered what it would feel to climb on a dinosaur's bones? Now you can! Challenge yourself to climb to the top and reach the Dino's mouth.


Our one of a kind, indoor, multi-level obstacle Ropes Course offers fun and adventure to all age groups to test your courage and help overcome your fears while truly facilitating team building.

The combination of Low and High Ropes Courses enable climbers to grow at both the team and individual levels by exploring leadership and communication concepts, problem-solving, and coaching. The Low Ropes Course focuses on collaboration – the challenges call upon every member of the team to participate, and they present opportunities for self-discovery and team growth.

The High Ropes Course emphasizes risk-taking, trust, and coaching. The challenges enable climbers to expand their comfort zones and recognize fears that may block personal achievement. Each moment is rich with discoveries, whether a person is climbing, encouraging a team mate or “on belay.”



Monday to Thursday 12:00 PM - 09:00 PM
Friday to Sunday 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM




Days   Price
 Mon- Thursday  Friday - Sunday & Public Holidays
1 h


1.5 h ₹550 ₹650
2 h ₹600 ₹700
3 h ₹700 ₹800
Jump in the Air attraction (Unlimited) ₹100 ₹100


Additional Time:
₹200 per climber for 30 minutes after the first hour


1 Spectator Can Accompany Each Climber.

More Than 1 Spectator ₹ 50 per Spectator

Monthly Memberships Available, Please call us for details.
Each climber and spectator is required to sign a liability waiver. Socks are mandatory for climber and spectator